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FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
to educate parents if you want to spend time in the house and you don't want to be bored, engage the kids. you cannot just use the tv as the pacifier. >>shepard: the biggest reason for that is there is no interactive work with that television. >>guest: all one way, just back ground stuff. for some they turn it on and they are not watching it, it is noise that is distracting. but the kid is sitting there getting bored or getting numb watching whatever it is they have left on. not good for kids. >>shepard: i leave espn on a lot and it will just play and i don't pay that much attention until someone says the words "giants" or "rebels." then i am calm up in it. >>guest: they are saying giant as lot in the losing sense today. but in general what you want to do is tell the kids to get east stuff and have the stuff on if the background but be interactive. do not keep them there five hours while you are doing dishes or errands and they are nodding off. >>shepard: doctor, never thought about that one. >> that's science for you. >>shepard: everything will be harmful soon. thank you, doctor. >> the
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
people, this could be right thing to do, you get more education in your field, you start out higher with a longer job life. but others it may not be a good idea. >>guest: it isn't. i have a high school senior we are looking at colleges now and i am doing everything i can, brain wanting her as much as i can to stay in state because i don't want her going out of state because it costs so much more. it is outrageous. another point, if someone wants to be a doctor, it costs $375,000 on average from the time they start at a young age and they graduate high school to get through medicine school to become a doctor. how much they are making is cut back. you have to wonder, is it worth it? >>shepard: as a share of income, the total debt here has gone up an extraordinary amount. >>guest: that is right. >>shepard: you wonder if people will say, we just can't do this. for instance, i know about ole miss and the enrollment is skyrocketing and there is so much more money coming in but that will stop. >>guest: it is. to get into the colleges, it is getting tougher. i look at some schools and you h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)